Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had a great Halloween! Olivia was a chicken (because we have 4 chickens that live next door) and Finn was a caterpillar (Olivia's costume 2 years ago). Finn is a little longer than Olivia was when she wore the costume, so it was a bit of a snug fit, but no complaining on his part. He went along for the walk, and Olivia climbed many steps to many front doors, said "trick or treat" and kept going "next house!".  Amy & Kurt (the newlyweds stopped in Oakland on their way to Hawaii) stayed at home and passed out candy. When Olivia went to bed that night, she said "I had fun trick or treating". I'm sure we will be covering more ground next year! To see all of the pictures from Halloween (pumpkin carving on the 30th and enjoying candy days after) click here.

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