Monday, June 18, 2012

Brave Wrap Party

I forgot to post a picture from our night out at the Brave wrap party. Since we can't legally post any pictures from the event, here we are, along with our friends Jason & Layla before leaving for wine country where the big event was held.
Here is the Castle where the evening was held:
We dropped the kids off in the city at Andrew & Jonna's place where they had 24 hours of FUN!
Here they are saying goodbye to us out the window.

Fathers Day Picnic

Olivia's Ballet Show

Olivia just finished up her Spring session of Ballet. For the Fall she will be going to a more traditional ballet studio as opposed to the one she has been going to which is more movement based. She did great in her performance and got big hugs from her proud brother!
We snatched Finn up from his nap-as we normally do to get there on time- so he is a bit dazed here.

Giant brother hugs! The cutest!
Cake Pops to celebrate!

Playing in the sprinkler

Hot Tub!

After 3 years of being in the house we finally got our hot tub up and running. I cannot wait until I am not pregnant to use it!

 One of the goofiest Finn pictures ever!

Finn's 3rd Birthday Paaaaaarty!

Finn had a pirate party this year. We had an amazing face painter, pirate photo booth, some neighbors and Finns best school mateys to celebrate with us.

The Little Farm

 The cow who almost ate my phone with its tongue!

 Ironically, we went out for burgers after the farm.